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News Blast from John Droz!


“Why I Turned Against ‘Green’ Windpower” <<>>.

More reports about greed energy economics:

“Electricity Costs - The Folly of Wind power” <<>>.

A superior three part series about the economic (and otherwise) foolishness of wind and solar <<>>.

A good commentary about the foolishness of wind subsidies <<>>.

“We need wind subsidies like we need VHS subsidies” is on the mark <<>>.

Taxpayers take a hit subsidizing renewables <<>>.

A wonderful, must read article about wind energy <<>>.

Redefining green jobs <<>>.

Over 100 British lawmakers formally object to wind energy <<>>. Here is there letter (of course it actually applies even more to offshore, which is far more expensive) <<>>.

India To End a Tax Break for Wind Energy <<>>.

Bonneville Power agrees to pay wind developers for electricity not received <<>>.

If Germany goes through with their foolish plan to phase out nuclear energy, this independent report concludes that it will cost them over Two Trillion dollars <<>>. Speaking of nuclear, please read this three part series (written by high school students!) <<>>.

More reports about turbine health matters:

Superior article about the origins of turbine setbacks <<>>.

A good film with Dr. McMurty re turbine health consequences <<>>.

Misc energy reports:

A massive critique of Germany’s failing energy policies by a PhD insider <<>>.

Vestas reports on massive layoffs <<>>.

“Could Nuclear Power Solve Global Warming: the Affirmative Case” is an interesting technical paper in a peer-reviewed journal <<>>.

This was written to supplement another good paper (different author) “Could Renewables Solve Global Warming: the Negative Case” <<>>

“Charles Manson Energy Butchery” (about turbine wildlife kills) <<>>.

“Environmental Radicals: Go Home” <<>>. This is an interesting dustup where a government official is taking on environmentalists <<>>.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture speaks out againts wind energy <<>>.

A fine article about an Australian wind project <<>>.


“EPA’s Sustainability Gambit “ <<>>.

Three good new reviews about WindFall, including one by Roger Ebert <<>>, <<>> and <<>>.

A good article about ABC’s position on turbine bird kills <<>>.

America is getting close to energy independence, and it has nothing to do with wind energy <<>>.

“Offshore turbines ‘will pose a threat to nuclear subs fleet’” <<>>

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

“How Green Zealots Are Destroying the Planet” <<>>.

Germany’s top environmentalist turns skeptic is a significant development. See <<>> and <<>>.

“Global Warming? No Natural Predictable Change” <<>>.

“How To Think Seriously About The Planet “ <<>>.

Some superior testimony from experts about AGW <<>>.

Global Warming — here is the take by 16 scientists <<>>.

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physicist & environmental advocate

Fellow: American Tradition Institute (<<>>)

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