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Mars Hill Wind Turbines – so ugly – runined beautiful mountain

I found the following post. Though the WEC in accordance with standard wind energy protocol claims no effect on real estate or you won't notice the turbines. I don't know the person who wrote this...but it is very telling and she wasn't even talking about a national park.


My husband and I live in Massachusetts, and we're looking for a parcel of land in Maine on which to build a home.

We spend the past three days looking for land in Maine. One of the parcels that we looked at yesterday is in the town of Bridgewater, which is a few miles south of Mars Hill.

As we drove north on Route 1 yesterday and entered the town of Bridgewater, we saw Mars Hill and were so disappointed and - well, the word "horrified" is too strong, I guess, but really it looks just awful. What was once a beautiful mountain is now scarred forever.

The Mars Hill Wind Farm has definitely devalued real estate in that area. Let me tell you why I say that: there are several parcels of land in the area that USED TO have a beautiful view of Mars Hill , and my husband & I would probably be buying one of them if the wind farm wasn't there. But, because the wind farm is there, we've decided not to look at real estate anywhere in that vicinity. And, I'm sure there are many, many other people who think the same way that we do.

Now let me say that I am a big fan of Al Gore and his crusade against global warming, and I'm 100% behind the idea of renewal energy sources. But this kind of thing is abhorrent.

I think wind farms are a great idea, but let's put them in places where they don't do some much aesthetic damage.

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